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Cantine di Verona s.c.a. was created in 2021 through merger of three important 

winemaking companies — Cantina Valpantena, Cantina di Custoza, and Cantina Colli Morenici — dedicated to producing the best wines in the Verona area. The goal of our company, designed with respect for the participants, is to further enhance the places they belong to and their respective designations. 

Our wines are the purest expression of the territory of Verona, the beating heart of the Italian wine scene. From the hills of Valpolicella to the waters of Lake Garda, they encapsulate the beauty and charm of the city and the surrounding lands, where grape cultivation is rooted in centuries of history and winemaking culture.

Our brands | Cantine di Verona
The Group | Cantine di Verona

Business/Membership Model

The true heart of Cantine di Verona are our five hundred members, silent guardians of the land and the driving force behind the company.

Together, they breathe life into the group with their regular beats and tempo marked by ancient gestures and knowledge.

It is thanks to the work of the many contributors that the entire territory lives, breathes, and thrives. Through them, the wine produced by Cantine di Verona becomes the pure expression of a place, a world ambassador of an extraordinary land.

The numbers



3 DOCs





hectares of vineyards


kilos of grapes

€65 milion



years of experience

The Group | Cantine di Verona


Our mission is to delight wine lovers with wines obtained from particularly suitable grape-growing areas as the result of our members’ tireless and meticulous work. Our wines tell about the lands of the Scaligeri, their beauty and poetry. Vines and the wine culture have deep roots here. These roots stretch back centuries, when the Romans first discovered that the wines produced here were of excellent quality, a fact that has remained unchanged over time. Even today, the wines produced by Cantine di Verona speak to the world about the enchantment of Verona and its lands.


Our values are deeply rooted in every member, in every person who works at Cantine di Verona. It is the sense of responsibility and professionalism in each individual and the community, the love and care for our land, which make us a reliable, transparent, and recognized brand in Italy and abroad.

Our brands | Cantine di Verona
The Group | Cantine di Verona


For us, quality is synonymous with people, the same people who are committed to making excellent wines every day. Every Cantine di Verona bottle encompasses the hard work and sacrifice of entire days spent in the vineyard, our members’ experience, and our knowledge and love of the land. This love and quality can be found in each glass, with the scent and flavour of Cantine di Verona wines.

Our brands | Cantine di Verona
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The history and tradition that accompany the brand reflect our commitment to creating superior-quality, sustainable products, as well as our loyalty to the principles that guide our operations. All the history, traditions, and knowledge of the land are found in our wines. Our wineries have always guarded this place and its past, transforming it into the present and the future. 

Our brands | Cantine di Verona
Territory | Cantine di Verona


A glass of wine is even better when tasted with others. This is why we are committed to improving the quality of our wines every day, so that they are accessible to all and respectful of the planet.

Our brands | Cantine di Verona
Territory | Cantine di Verona

One big family

Cantine di Verona has always put people at the centre. We aim to make our members and collaborators feel as if they are part of a large family, one team working together to achieve a common goal: the production of wines that tell the story of the land, sip by sip.

Our brands | Cantine di Verona
The Group | Cantine di Verona


We have always cared for our planet, and even more so today. At Cantine di Verona, we use sustainable techniques and practices to protect the environment, aiming to minimize our impact on the land.  

Cantine di Verona embraces care for the environment and considers sustainability a goal to be pursued through our internal organization, processes, and customer services. Our certifications testify to our commitment to this issue.

The Group | Cantine di Verona


We want to make the wines of Verona known and appreciated in Italy and around the world, with a growing focus on sustainability, quality, respect, and territorial enhancement. To love a place first means respecting and preserving it in all its beauty and traditions. This is why, when we taste a wine from Cantine di Verona, we encounter the scent and flavours of an extraordinary land — as Verona is — where history, culture, and landscape are intertwined in an extraordinary whole. Cantine di Verona, therefore, is proud to represent the extraordinary beauty of a place that is unique in the world.