At Cantine di Verona, we have always loved our land, and we do everything we can to deliver it intact to future generations. We therefore strive to apply environmentally friendly practices and keep an eye on environmental sustainability. This is also why we started the Quality Project 20 years ago, which aims not only to constantly improve the quality of the grapes, but also to promote sustainable agricultural practices. Important achievements include obtaining the SNQPI territory certification for all growers participating in the project, which attests to the sustainability of the wines and company management.

Sustainability | Cantine di Verona
Sustainability | Cantine di Verona

Sustainability in the vineyard

We support organic farming, rejecting the use of herbicides for weed control and synthetic chemicals for pest control. For you, this means being able to choose a healthy, good, honest product made without synthetic chemicals or unnecessary additives.

Sustainability | Cantine di Verona
Sustainability | Cantine di Verona

Sustainability in the winery

Sustainability in the vineyard but also in the winery. We have developed and are implementing virtuous actions and practices to reduce the environmental impact of the entire supply chain and increase the awareness of end consumers, caring for the landscape as a common good. Notable actions include the use of photovoltaic panels. Electricity generation from renewable sources has an extremely positive impact on the environment. This involves completely different sizes and proportions compared to other energy production methods, but the carbon footprint of this clean energy should not be ignored.

Sustainability | Cantine di Verona
Sustainability | Cantine di Verona

Sustainability in the glass

A sustainable environment can be created even at work. Those who work in offices spend most of their day there, so this is the best time to take solid action for the environment, including paying attention to waste collection. Cantine di Verona promotes the use of recyclable materials in its offices and involves all its employees in recycling.

Our brands | Cantine di Verona

The quality of our approach to the environment and our wines 

has been rewarded by the numerous recognitions we have received around the world.


Organic certification certifies that Cantina di Verona has adopted a strict production system that respects the natural life cycle as much as possible. It also communicates that we have minimized the human impact in order to protect biodiversity and preserve the properties of the soil.
BRC and IFS Quality Standards are recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), internationally certifying food safety at Cantine di Verona throughout the entire supply chain.
RRR is the first ‘sustainable area certification’ in Italy. It was created for the Valpolicella wine region, so only wines and grapes produced in the Valpolicella production area (like ours) can be certified.
The National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI) is a voluntary certification scheme attesting that our products have been obtained through integrated production techniques.
We have joined the RafCycle® project promoted by UPM Raflatac, a programme developed to recover and enhance labelling waste throughout its life cycle.